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The Underground Railroad

This is the true story about a group of brave people who risked great danger to help others in great need. Would you risk your life to do the right thing for others? People in the Underground Railroad succeeded in saving others and changing history.

Level L
Grade 2/Year 3+
32 pages
Social Studies – US History

Teaching materials

Click thumbnail to download.

Comprehension strategies lesson

Jump start your students' reading with a strategies lesson.

Fluency, language and text features

Target specific learning points in context as students read.

Writing activity templates

5 topical writing activities for
practicing new knowledge and vocabulary.

Alignments (US)

See how the text and lessons align to the standards.

The comprehension strategies lesson and F-L-T support are downloadable as editable documents, so you can personalize the lesson to fit your own teaching methods and your students' learning style.

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