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The Golden Age of Pirates

Do you know a lot about pirates? Think again, me hearties! Many things you believe about pirates are not true. Would a pirate really make you walk the plank? Was being a pirate fun? And what time did pirates have to go to bed?

Level J
Grade2/Year 3+
24 pages
Social Studies – History

Teaching materials

Click thumbnail to download.

Comprehension strategies lesson

Jump start your students' reading with a strategies lesson.

Fluency, language and text features

Target specific learning points in context as students read.

Writing activity templates

5 topical writing activities for
practicing new knowledge and vocabulary.

Alignments (US)

See how the text and lessons align to the standards.

The comprehension strategies lesson and F-L-T support are downloadable as editable documents, so you can personalize the lesson to fit your own teaching methods and your students' learning style.

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